The Orange Room
at the
R-C Steak House

15¢ burgers and Birch Beer in a frosty mug. Did it ever get any better than that? I went by SR7 and Hollywood Blvd. on Sunday (6 April 2008) after having taken some pictures of the school, and of course the old building that was the Royal Castle is still there. I should have stopped to take a couple of pics. I think it's been mostly a check cashing place for years—probably several times.

My cyber buddy, June (Allison) Bain, '67, host of the '65/'66/'67/'68/'69 MHS site, loaned me this photo which she got from the last remaining Royal Castle, which as of 2003 or so, was still in existence in Miami, at the corner of NW 7th Av. and 125 St. It's not much of a neighborhood, but they still fry the burgers like they used to and they still serve Birch Beer, but you have to ask for the frosty mug. Otherwise it's served in a plastic glass. Fries are still good, but not like the old days when there was actual animal fat in the grease.

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