Great Social Opportunity

In order to whet your appetite before the next reunion, and to see what’s possible with a little coordination, here’s a picture of some ’64 grads who happen to have been meeting for dinner once a month since the 40th reunion in 2004. Do you know what’s funny? We hardly ever talk about high school.

Tom Metz, Sandy (Rock) Townley, mois, my bride Linda, John Winfree
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Some of them seem to have weathered nicely and one has falllen apart just about as one might expect. The babe in the red blouse isn’t MHS (but she fits right in, just as if she were), so don’t wrack your brain trying to figure out who she is. However, like at least a couple of ’64s (Jon Prevost and Toni {Salciccioli} Martin come to mind) she’s a Canadian, and she’s put up with my nonsense for over 40 years. Who’d’a thought?

Update! In August, 2008, we were joined by Kathy (Coddington) Matthew. What a treat! None of us had seen her in 40+ years and she said she hadn’t seen any other MHS folks in that time, either. She said she had a good time in spite of us and is looking forward to joining us again. The evening was really special.

John Winfree, Kathy (Coddington) Mathew, Sandy (Rock) Townley, Tom Metz, my bride Linda, and mois
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Dinner, November 2008. All six of us together for the first time in 44 years. Aside from the usual good time together, the gathering was notable as the entire restaurant emptied out to the parking lot to watch the launch of the space shuttle Endeavor, STS-126. NSB is only 33 miles from Pad 39A. It was spectacular…but could not overpower the joy of old friends meeting like this.

A couple of updates! Andrea (DeCresenzo) Lux was able to meet with us in June, 2009, and as she lives in New Smyrna Beach, we hope to have many opportunities to visit again. Sadly, we didn’t get a picture of the group. In October, after what seemed like years of trying, we were joined by Jane (Green) Dyer. As usual, we’re finding, it was a real treat, and despite the potential of scaring her off, has repeated her visit several more times.

Jane (Green) Dyer, Kathy (Coddington) Mathew, mois, Sandy (Rock) Townley, Sandy (Rock) Townley, John Winfree—seated, my bride Linda, Tom Metz
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Dinner, December 2009. The principal (regular) seven of us together for the first time in 44 years. This is a remarkably good picture of folks nearing Medicare age!

Yet another update!: Jim Meints has expanded the group. Jim has been to at least three dinners now, although we can’t seem to remember to bring a camera to record the event. We’ll have to make a special effort to get all eight(!) of us together. It’s a little like herding cats….

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